AKD Managment

Why Use Us

Professional Service

Benefit from professional services for your rent collection and tenant-related processes.

Experts In Every Field

Our experts are specially selected for their respective field to offer the best services.

No Need to Talk to Tenants

As our clients, you no longer need to communicate with your tenants. We are handling the entire process for you.

Freedom for Landlords

Landlords will get the freedom they want when it comes to real estate management.

End-to-End Service

With end-to-end service, our clients can benefit from all advantages of property management.

Complete Property Management

Our services cover a wide range of area in the property management sector.

Complete Property Financials

The financials and accounting of the properties are managed for you.

Monitor Tax Liabilities

Any tax liabilities arising from rent collection are monitored on your behalf. You can make the required payments easily.

Collect Rent Without Any Problems

Collecting rents has never been this easy. We are managing the rent collection process for you.

Check Any Property Damages

After your tenants leave the house, we are conducting property damage analysis to detect any problems. We take the necessary steps to compensate for our client’s loss.

Find New Tenants

When the rental contract terminates, we are finding new tenants for your property.

No Need to Worry About Maintenance and Repair

Maintenance and repair of your property is no longer a problem. We are undertaking these procedures to keep your property in its best state.

From Single Flat to Apartment Complexes

Our team is managing different types of properties from single flats to large apartment complexes.

Different Types of Properties Are Managed

In addition to real-estates, we are managing different types of properties across Turkey.

Enjoy The Income from Your New Property

AKDManagement clients can enjoy their rental income without worrying about the problems related to rental properties.