AKD Managment

What we Do

Rent Settlement & Maintenance Charge

Let us arrange your rental rate and yearly maintenance charge from your potential tenants.

Rent Follow-Up

We will follow-up the rent collection to avoid any late payments.

Rent Raise

We are talking with tenants for annual rent raise and renewing the rental contract.

New Tenant

After completing the contract termination of your old tenant, we are finding a new tenant.

Budget Management & Accounting

The entire accounting of your collected taxes is handled by our experts.

Rent Transfers

After collecting your rents from your properties, we are sending the money with desired rent transfer method.

Damage Control

When your old tenant leaves the property, we do damage control to avoid any problems in the future.

Repair & Maintenance Organisation

If required, we are organising the repair and maintenance of your property to give it a long lifecycle.

Advocacy Service

In case of any legal problems (tenant not leaving at the end of the contract, problems with rent payment), we are offering advocacy service for real-estate problems.

What We Do For You

We are offering a wide range of services including rent settlement and collecting maintenance fees, rent follow-up, damage control, finding new tenants, budget planning and accounting, repair and maintenance organisation, rent raises as well as advocacy service in property-related topics.

With our extensive experience in the real-estate sector, the entire processes are managed by our professional experts. Our complete property management service will facilitate your entire rental processes.

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